What is Ozempic

The popular weight loss drug sold out worldwide? Clinical results show an average of 15-20% weight loss, and many users report higher numbers. The secret of its success is the active ingredient, Semaglutide — a medication that tells our brain to stop feeling hungry, slows our digestion down, and regulates blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, this groundbreaking drug is not available for all to use.  

Out of reach for most PEOPLE

Ozempic requires a prescription from a doctor, which is contingent upon health insurance. Unfortunately, the prices of anti-obesity medications are not usually reimbursed by insurance companies. This means that many people who require Ozempic are unable to obtain it. Purchasing the name-brand medications out of pocket is very costly.When a new drug is introduced, Big Pharma often uses this price increase to offset marketing, R&D, and patent expenditures.

Regretfully, this implies that the typical person will have to wait years to obtain what is being referred to as a “wonder medication” for weight loss. The good news is that semaglutide is currently available, costs significantly less, and produces outcomes similar to those of weight reduction medications.

How much does SEMAGLUTIDE cost?

SKINNY QUICKS Semaglutide is eight times less expensive than name-brand equivalents. It costs just £54.99 for a month supply.

SIMILARITIES Ozempic AND Semaglutide


Lose more than 15% of your body weight

Individuals on Ozempic and semaglutide lose 15% of their body weight on average. When they mix exercise and a low-calorie diet, they lose even more weight. Although generic semaglutide is less expensive than branded equivalents, it nevertheless produces effects that are comparable.

Consider the company Ozempic as an example. There are fixed dose injector pens with pre-filled options available. The dosage can be adjusted to 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg, or 2 mg for each injection. Ozempic, meanwhile, is only available with a prescription.

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How much does Ozempic cost?

Unfortunately, doctors are refusing to treat OZEMPIC because insurance companies won’t pay for it. Here, the total cost of an OZEMPIC supply that lasts for a month can be as much as £800 out of pocket. Buying branded drugs without insurance may be out of reach for most people due to the high costs involved.

Semaglutide is available, nevertheless, in powder form. You can modify your doses in this way to meet your requirements. It only costs between  £120 and  £320 for a one-month supply and is available in vials containing 2 mg or 5 mg.

How to get affordable Ozempic?

Now that Semaglutide is available in a 6-week supply, you can begin your weight loss journey. Skinnyquick is a supplier of semaglutide.

ozempic vs semaglutide

availability of product

Semaglutide and Ozempic are both available treatments for diabetes management with slightly different brand names.


Cost of Usage

Product availability and cost-efficient usage. Ensure it fits your budget while being readily accessible.


Affect on Quantity

Quantity may decrease when product availability or cost changes, affecting overall supply or consumption


Semaglutide weight loss benefits

  • 1. Suppresses junk food cravings
  • 2. Slows down digestion and reduces appetite
  • 3. Keeps your blood sugar in check
  • 4. Balancing blood sugar by releasing insulin
  • 5. Improving blood pressure
  • 6. Decreasing repeat heart attacks and strokes

why is Semaglutide with diet and exercise better than diet and exercise alone?

People who are overweight have been urged to “go to the gym” and “lay off the fries” for years. All we have to do, according to weight reduction “gurus,” is maintain a balance between the calories we consume and the calories we burn off when exercising. It seems that willpower and discipline were all we needed to shed pounds.

If if losing weight could be so easy.

Not just through drive

Motivation has no bearing on weight loss.

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